Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Bakersfield and Abby's Baptism

School got out and the next day we drove to Bakersfield for Abby's baptism.  Cousin time is the best time, and all of us were looking forward to being together.

Don't let the cuteness of that milkshake drinking girl fool you.  She is a terrible road tripper!  Stopping in Fresno for a strawberry shake cooled her screams for a while, but all too soon she was back to her screaming serenade.  It won't last forever...right?
 Abby's baptism was so sweet.  I loved the talks and Sammie and her friend played a violin duet that was just incredible.  Noah is the next grandkid to get baptized, and I so appreciate Abby's good example of choosing to follow Jesus by being baptized and just by being an awesome kid.
 We were just missing Charlie in this cousins picture.  Oh, Ohio, you are TOO far away!

Not only is she a terrible road tripper, Leah is also a pretty pathetic sleeper away from her crib.  I'm so tempted to just disassemble that crib and take it with us whenever we travel, because the nights can be bad!  Surviving the exhaustion was paramount to picture taking, but I'm so glad I captured this cute one with Olivia when we went to the park.  Olivia, Sammie, and Abby just take over when we're with them.  They look out for our kids and love spending time together,

 The primary in Bakersfield is a little small, so Luke's age was combined with the Sunbeams.  It was perfect because he and Brielle got to be in the same class.  His lesson was "I am thankful for my eyes," and he thought these glasses his teacher made were the best thing ever.

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