Saturday, May 20, 2017

City Works Day

Once a year our awesome city fills up the parking lot by the library with all of their working trucks.  It's little kid heaven: a street sweeper, garbage truck, fire trucks, ambulance, a city bus, police cars and motor cycles, a rescue boat, the list goes on.

I wondered how Noah would handle missing it this year since it's in the morning, but thankfully he also had something fun scheduled at school that day.  So Luke, Leah and I headed off for a morning of fun.

By the pictures it looks like the morning was all about Luke, and I guess it kind of was.  The easiest way to manage Leah was to keep her contained in the Ergo.  So I held her while Luke ran from vehicle to vehicle and I took pictures.  It was perfect!  Look that this cute bus driver!

 I had no idea that our police department has an armored SWAT truck.  I sure hope it doesn't get used often! ;-)

 The street sweeper was Luke's favorite.  He thought it was so cool that there were two steering wheels.

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