Wednesday, October 1, 2014

iPhone Pics - July, August, & September

 When our house gets a little TOO quiet I know to start looking for Luke.  I love when instead of a mess I find him happily reading. 

Noah and I went on a date and saw his first play, The Jungle Book.  He loved it, and I loved some alone time with my favorite three year old. 

Noah finally got around to seeing his first movie in the theaters too.  He's been waiting a LONG time for Planes: Fire and Rescue to come out and was bouncing with excitement before, during and after the movie.

Nate and the boys got to work on a Lego tower, and all had a great laugh when it came tumbling down.

 Noah was learning about the joy of the body at Joy School and made himself as a gingerbread boy.
Noah and Nana made a paper chain that  helped us count down to Disneyland.
 Noah drew his first self portrait.  I love the hair and nose especially!
 September 22 was my dad's birthday, the first one since his passing.  We gathered at the cemetery and then celebrated at one of his favorite restaurants.

 We love having lunch picnics outside!  Less mess for mom to clean up, and there's just something extra special about a picnic instead of sitting at a table.

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