Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Field Tripping

We've taken a few field trips for Joy School lately, and each one has been such fun!  Last week the kids toured Winco.  
I'm pretty sure I've never used the words 'Winco' and 'awesome' in a sentence together, but this Winco experience was truly AWESOME!  Our tour guide Miss Kathy was super good with the kids and showed them so many fun parts of the store.

Winco provided those paper sacks and filled them up as we walked around the store.  The kids got a brownie from the bakery, potato wedges from the deli, a hot wheels car from the toy section, a bag of baby carrots in the produce department, they each chose three pieces of candy from the bulk foods area, and we left with a hot pizza and drinks to share for lunch.  See? Awesome.

The kids got to walk into a semi trailer that was attached to the building, watch a giant box crusher do its job, and they liked seeing their breath in the deep freezer.  They thought it was particularly fun to walk right through the milk door into the fridge.  Talk about breaking the rules!

Noah says his favorite part was watching the forklift work.  Despite their nervous looks, Noah and Everett were just fully concentrated on watching that forklift take a heavy pallet of soda off the top shelf and move it. 
 They could have stayed and watched for hours, I think.
Luke probably could have too.  He's got just about the same look.  
Luke, by the way, is loving all of this Joy School business.  He thinks he's just one of the group, and then reality hits when I drop Noah off for school, and he stays with me.  He cries every time.

We joined up with another co-op preschool group for a trip to the pumpkin patch.  
These two are such good buddies.  I'm so, so glad Noah has Liam to call his friend.
The hay ride was fantastic. Checking out the animals and going through the corn maze was fun.  It was just a great way to spend the morning.  

Our very first field trip was to Hagan Community Park where we had story time at the barn.  
The kids liked learning about the animals there after story time was over.
 Noah and Luke both wanted to pet 'Cupcake' the donkey, and Noah even fed him a carrot.  

I love taking trips with these kids.  They are each so unique, so happy, and so full of love.  We LOVE Joy School!

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