Sunday, June 24, 2012

The County Fair

Yesterday we spent a few hours at the Placer County Fair.
Noah is such an observer, so this place was perfect for him.
In fact, we don't have a single picture of him looking at the camera, because he was just too busy looking at everything else: lots of people, race cars, rides and the animals.  Oh, he loved the animals, especially the goats. 
 Here's a short clip with his new found friends.
(I love the big hug at the end, as if he's saying, "Thanks Mom for letting me meet the goats.")

The majority of our time at the fair was spent with the animals.  Noah loved being up close to the pigs, sheep and sort of liked the cows.  The prize winning rooster, however, scared him to death every time it crowed.  We couldn't help but laugh and then try to be consoling parents.
The fair food didn't disappoint either.  Of course it's overpriced and hardly healthy, but we definitely enjoyed ourselves without feasting too much.  Just the smells alone is a treat!
Noah is a kid of simple pleasures.  It didn't matter that all of that fair food was right at his fingertips.  He was completely content with a free sucker.

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