Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Eleven Months

Noah is eleven months old!
(...and barely held still long enough to take a picture.)

Every month is filled with growth and change, but I feel like this one has just been an explosion of development in so many ways.
Two weeks ago we finally heard 'mom.' Not 'ma ma,' but a very definite 'mom,' usually said three times. Noah has also said 'one' and once when Nate called on the phone he said, 'Hi Da da.' It's so fun to hear all of these crazy sounds turning into words!
(Starting to say 'mom' with a very pronounced 'm' sound.)

Noah mastered using a straw and is so pleased with himself every time we give him the chance to demonstrate his skill.

He also figured out stair climbing and was, again, so proud of himself when he got to the top of grandma and grandpa's stairs.
It's taken a little while, but Noah can finally pull himself up on to just about anything.
He's completely comfortable getting up and down,
likes to be on his knees,
and doesn't mind getting stuck every once in a while
Noah still loves his books. In The Very Busy Spider he makes the owl sound right before we read it in the story. It's amazing to me that, at some level, he already knows the story and at what point the owl says, "Whoo, whoo."
It seems like every day during the past month I was reporting something new to Nate that Noah could do. It is such a sweet blessing to be with him every day. I love that I'm getting to experience all of these first right along with Noah. To us he is the most amazing bundle of happiness, curiosity and fun!

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jordan and maci said...

almost a year? wow! he is so darling dianna!