Thursday, July 21, 2011

Swim Class

Noah and I finished up our little swim class at the Aquatic Center today.

Guess how much he liked it?

a LOT.

He was a good boy and obeyed the lifeguard every day.

He worked on floating on his tummy and back. Kicking is practically second nature for this kid, so I just laughed when his teacher was so impressed. In or out of the water it seems like his legs are always moving.
He can hold on to the side of the pool all by himself for about 20 seconds. He'd probably hold on for longer if he understood that he'll sink once he lets go.
Noah knew just how to charm the moms who were waiting as their kids swam. He'd get their attention and make the sweetest noises and then smile. He had quite the following every day at the pool.
It is hard to ignore a happy, sweet boy who smiles all the time.

It's a little early to tell if this kid is going to have any real swim talent, but he does love the water. Next summer, though, I'm expecting to see perfect freestyle form for one length of the pool. :-)

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Unknown said...

He is such a beautiful boy!