Saturday, January 8, 2011

One Month!

Noah is one month old!
This little rocking chair was mine as a child, and now I think we'll watch Noah grow into it this year, month by month.

What a month it has been. I have never worried more, slept less or spent this much time at home. It's been wonderful and challenging, all wrapped up together.

It seems like every day Noah gets a little more comfortable and adjusted to life. In the past week he has:
  • grown out of his newborn clothes and is diligently working on that double chin.
  • lost a lot more of his newborn hair, which means his 'old man fringe' around the ears and neck is starting to show more.
  • become much more vocal by screaming (of course!), grunting, and making those sweet cooing sounds.
  • likes to be sung to - which I'll only do if Daddy is asleep or not home. :-)
  • slept by himself for two nights (another hurray for that one!).
Noah's favorite way to get around is with his Dad -- as they fly around the house. Even in the worst mood, Nate can cheer his little guy right up.

After the pediatrician and my friend Chrissie recommended the Sleepy Wrap, I bought one. If you've got a baby who hates to be left alone or put down, but you actually want to get something done during the day, this is a must. It has saved me, and is definitely a highlight of the month for me. It's the perfect combination of being close to my sweet baby, but hands free and still a bit productive. Love it!

One more...because I'm absolutely smitten by him:


Our Family said...

I love your take on things, Dianna. You are the most positive person I know. What a great mother you are. And he is adorable!!

Tiffany said...

He is so adorable. I'm sure no one could have prepared you for the exhaustion and craziness of it all. But yes, so rewarding. So glad he's doing better sleeping. Good luck.