Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Getting Stronger!

He sits up!
Well, with a little help.
But, not bad for 6 weeks, right?
That strong neck is really helping him not topple over!
(Is it just me or is his hair looking a just little bit red?)


Erickson Family said...

Dianna... Congratulations on your sweet new addition! He is such a cutie and I'm sure, well worth the wait. I am so happy for you, you make such a beautiful Momma! It apears that life is treating you well. I was able to see Coy and Fred this weekend. It's always so nice to visit with them. Take care and enjoy MOMMY-HOOD! ~ Steph

Melissa said...

He is just so cute you guys! My baby boy is 4 weeks today! They are only 2 weeks apart! How fun!

Our Family said...

I see red too! What a total cutie!!

Boyd Family said...

it is fun to see him sitting up with his little eyes open. He looks all grow up!! What a doll!

Christina said...


Patti said...

what a cutie!!he is really looking alert and so grown up sitting in his little seat.