Monday, May 4, 2009

Feeling Appreciated

I've had a few rough weeks, and these (along with a few little gifts) are SO what I needed to start out this dreary Monday.
Such a nice surprise to receive these little love notes!
It's teacher appreciation week and a few of my kids are really making me feel special. I have a feeling a little more love might be coming my way as the week goes on! I think it's amazing how personally powerful a simple expression of thanks can be.
(Just an aside: The creator of this artistic wonder has a little speech issue, as you can see by the 'arward.' It wasn't long ago that she asked me if Wussia was near the Pilippines. Kind of a 'had to be there moment,' but it was a cute, memorable one.)

So, if you've got a school-aged kid, just have them write a sweet note to their teacher some time this week. It really DOES mean a lot! (Of course, throwing in a Jamba Juice gift card wouldn't be bad either!)

Oh, and I never followed up on a previous post, but my job is safe. What grade I'm teaching is still a mystery. Stay away 5/6 combination class. I don't want you! Life is so relatively pleasant and sweet down here in third grade!


Jenner said...

that is sweet. glad they are appreciating you and that your job is safe!

Patti said...

Kids are still pretty sweet in the third grade,it is still an age of wonder and excitement at things. it is always nice to get a Thank You and such heart felt Thank Yous are always great.glad to hear your job is safe.

Melody said...

I didn't realize that you teach
3rd grade, that's awesome! My mom also teaches 3rd grade over at Pershing Elem. in Orangevale. She thinks it's the best grade also. :) Glad to hear you are still teaching, and I will cross my fingers for you that you will get to stay in 3rd!