Monday, January 29, 2007

Paradise FOUND!

Wasn't it John Milton who wrote Paradise Lost? I think I was supposed to read it in AP English all those years ago. I didn't. In fact, if I'm being totally honest, I think the only book I actually read that year was something by Henrik Ibsen. Something about a guy named Torvald who always called his wife a squirrel. Thankfully, Nate uses other terms of endearment. But, that aside, I can tell you that paradise is not lost. We definitely found it in Costa Rica. After navigating for a few hours through the country we arrived at Tabacon, which I'm sure translates directly to 'paradise' from some tribal rain forest language. This place is amazing. Just google it, you'll see. It was like our perfect day just kept going. Here we were in the middle of the rain forest, during the rainy season, and it didn't really rain all that much. When we were inside, rain. When we wanted to go out, no rain. I was starting to think we might have superpowers or something. But, thanks to Russ, I've learned that those kinds of powers only exist in utero.
Thanking Nate for bringing me here turned into almost an hourly occurrence. It was a perfect balance between relaxing and being adventurous. Who can complain about having their own personal chef and waiter for an evening? Come to think about it, I should probably still be thanking Nate.

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