Monday, January 29, 2007

a lesson about frogs

So I was going through our Costa Rica pictures and realized that my dating life has been a lot like these two frogs. Go ahead, try to name one attractive quality about this beast of a creature. Besides being slimy and having thighs the size of a polish sausage, it eats all the other frogs if it gets out of its cage; just wipes them all out. While my dating history before Nate didn't include anyone with unusually large thighs, there might have been a few that fell into that slightly (or not so slightly) slimy category.

But, look at that red-eyed tree frog. He's friendly, colorful and the kind of frog that everybody likes. If my mom actually liked animals, she'd love for me to bring this one home, I'm sure. Nate tried to get me to put this little guy in my pocket so we could take him home with us. (Which, by the way, was pretty much what I wanted to do with Nate after our first date three years ago.) But, fearing that he might get squashed somewhere along the way, I left him peacefully on a leaf. Sure am glad I married the red-eyed tree frog type.
By the way, visiting the Ranarium, as they call it in Costa Rica, was probably one of Nate's favorite experiences. I loved the butterflies, but he couldn't get enough of the frogs. We even went back to this place one evening for a special 'night frog' experience. Talk about big time adventure.


daniel said...

Nate really is the red-eyed tree frog type. Back when we were roommates, whenever there was a full moon I would wake up and there would be Nate, clinging to the wall above his bed, his red eyes tracking the movements of some ill-fated mosquito.
You mean you still don't know that your husband is a Werefrog? Don't worry, his frog persona (frogona?) is very adorable.

Poria said...

Interesting to know.