Monday, October 2, 2017

September Bits

I think all of September can be summed up in bits.  There were lots of little, memorable moments that's for sure!

Noah's school does a great family night at the beginning of the school year.  We were all excited for another night of Gators on the Green.

Luke doesn't start kindergarten for almost another year, but I'm already thinking about how much I'll miss him.  I LOVE having this boy at home.  We were eating lunch together and he unexpectedly said, "Hey Mom, let's take a picture together."  Done!

Noah is back to writing love notes, which I LOVE.

We used to walk over to the duck pond from our other house and now it's at the end of our street!  Leah is in duck heaven and asks to see the 'quack, quack' over and over again each day. 

This was the cutest first hair cut EVER! Leah held so still, smiled through the whole thing, and kept saying, "hair cuh, hair cuh"  If it involves being a big kid this girl is ALL in.

We celebrated another 100 days of scripture reading with a trip to Dairy Queen.  Two seconds after this picture was taken Leah through a tantrum that surpassed all other tantrums.  We tried to enjoy our blizzards despite the ear piercing screams, but that girl was determined to make it a memorable night (and not in a good way).  

Noah's first grade picture.  Love that boy!

While I was watching the Women's Broadcast Nate and the kids were off having fun at the park.  Leah loved playing in the stream.

We celebrated Papa's 71st birthday with ice cream at Leatherby's.  

For days leading up to it Noah and Nate talked about sharing a banana split.  Noah was so excited to dig into that mountain of ice cream with Dad!

On our way to Leatherby's the kids and I stopped at the cemetery to drop off flowers they had picked out.  We found Nana was there too.

Someone has installed a bench right next to Papa's headstone (thanks whoever you are!), and it was kind of nice to have a place to sit and hang out.  

Every time we go to the cemetery the kids demonstrate such sweetness.  Without even being prompted both Noah and Luke take a minute to sit by Papa's headstone.  Sometimes they say something to him, sometimes they don't.  But I love that there's some kind of connection there for them.  I try hard to keep him alive in our conversations, but it's hard to tell if the stories I share are sinking in and being remembered. 

Noah scored his first goals ever!  He's in his third season and, oh boy, has that boy been waiting for this moment.  We celebrated with donuts before school one morning.

And then we kept celebrating the next week (and the next week too!) as he scored three weeks in a row!  

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