Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Leah's Bits

Leah's current favorite pastimes include emptying the cupboards and pulling everything off the pantry shelves that she can reach.  I've got five shelves in the pantry and only the top two have items on them.  One day I'll be able to fill it, right?  But in her mind it's all in the name of cooking.  She likes to stir, mix, pretend to put ingredients together, and then run to me with a wooden spoon saying, "Taste Mama!" Her cuteness and excitement balance out the mess of pots and relatively empty pantry quite well.

When it comes to doing big girl things Leah is all in.  She was a perfectly cooperative, happy patient at the dentist.

She wore another one of my dresses from the early 80's the church.  Knee socks and pinafores for the win!

I see lots of morning trips to the Children's Museum on cold winter days in our future.  Leah couldn't get enough of the painting and water stations
And it's not just real ducks she's in love with.  She gathered up all of the plastic ones and kept them to herself.

If I had a dollar for overtime I've said, "It's non-toxic, right?" to myself.  This girl is almost always getting into something.
Leah was pretty excited about all of Noah's goal scoring too.  We had to stop saying the word 'donut' and start referring to them as 'those round, sweet things you get when you score a goal' because once she heard the word there were tantrums for not having one right that second.  We've also learned that we don't say the word 'duck' either since that starts off an obsession about going to see them immediately. Oh Leah!

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