Sunday, November 27, 2016

To My Favorite FOUR Year Old

Sweet Luke,

You are FOUR! I think you're most excited that being four means you get to play on the 'big kids' side at the gym.  But there are so many other amazing, wonderful things about you right now. 

You are passionate and determined.  Sometimes that works in your favor, like learning to ride a bike, and other times, when it's mixed with a sprinkle of stubbornness, it earns you a time out.   But all is well in the end. 

This year over and over you have been bold and brave.  Dad and I try often to give you opportunities to try new things.  This year it was things like playing soccer, riding a bike, climbing the hill at Livermore Park alone, and jumping off rocks in Tahoe.  We love that you are so willing to give things a try.  And that includes foods too. 

You are competitive.  You love to win and are learning it's o.k. to lose -- every once in a while.  It's so frustrating to you that you aren't as fast as a runner or bike rider as Noah, but I'm sure that will even out in time.  I love being with you on your bike.  Some how your personality expands and you become even more boisterous and silly.  You talk louder, sing, weave back and forth on your bike, and ride with complete confidence.

Because of you our home is filled with laughter.  You make up all kinds of words like turanjo (a piece of your aircraft carrier that you turned into an instrument) and Mr. Lahootie.  And speaking of words, some how your 'ou' sound has a Canadian hint to it.  Dad and I shake our heads every time we hear you say words like outside, house, and boat.  Where did you get that Canadian accent from?

You are smart.  Being competitive has its advantages, and wow, you are trying to keep up with Noah.  You can count to 30 (at least), skip count by 10's to 100, know all of your uppercase and lowercase letters and sounds, and have even started to sound out simple words.  The other day you were writing and sounded out N-A-T.  You were so proud that you could (almost) spell Dad's name.  Whether it's a song or scripture, you memorize quickly.  This year as a sunbeam your scripture assignment was JSH 1:17, and you said it all without help.  The other day you started singing a Justin Bieber song that is only on the radio every once in a while.  You just pick up tunes (especially) and words really quick.

Most of all, you love.  At least half a dozen times in a day you tell me you love me.  From the moment you laid eyes on that little sister you have certainly loved her.  Countless times this year I've caught you climbing into Leah's crib to play with her.  You have fetched diapers, shared snacks, and learned to share your mom just a little more.  It's pretty obvious Leah can feel your love, because she loves you right back with big hugs and laying on top of you when you'll let her. 

You are a remarkable little boy: so full of life, energy and goodness.  I'm so thankful you were sent to our family!


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