Thursday, November 3, 2016

October Bits

 The California Capitol Airshow probably deserves its own post, but I'm cramming it into this month's bits instead.  Nate and the boys met up with Tyler and Brennan and Grandma and Grandpa at the airshow.

It's little (and big boy) heaven to explore and learn about those big, mighty machines.
It was disappointing that the Blue Angels had to cancel at the last minute because Pilot 1 was sick, but you wouldn't know it from these faces. 
It was especially cute though that without being prompted in any way both Noah and Luke mentioned Pilot 1 in their prayers that night, asking that he'd get better and be able to fly the next day. 

Leah loves the 'selfie' mode on the camera.  She's all smiles when she sees that cute baby smiling back at her.

Nana gave us a little scare and earned herself an overnight stay in the hospital.  Thankfully, it wasn't a heart attack like it seemed to be in the beginning, but we still don't know what caused her symptoms.

Pretty much every night until October 15th was a late one for Nate, so we squeezed in FaceTime whenever we could, including when the boys were taking a bath.  Leah loves seeing Daddy on the phone.
 I went into check on the boys before going to bed and found Luke's bed empty.  After peeking on the top bunk I found he and Noah fast asleep. 
 Noah explained the next morning that he invited Luke up for a sleepover.  I love that they are the best of friends.  

This girl could swing all day every day.
And this was such a perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon a few weeks ago. 
 My grateful mama heart was about to burst.  I've got a fierce love for these two and their sister, and some snuggle time was just what we all needed.

Nate took Luke on a walk around the temple before Stake Conference started.
 We've both felt little pricks of inspiration that this sweet middle child needs a little more individual attention.  It's been fun sneaking in simple little moments with just him and seeing how much he loves and appreciates it.

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