Thursday, July 25, 2013

From East to West

On Friday morning we packed up and left Tahoe.  We were home long enough to unpack the car, start some laundry and put the boys down for a nap.  Then it was off to San Francisco, without the kids, for a Giants game with all of the adults in the family.
Nate Boyce: ND Boyce 2013 &emdash;

The Giants won, and, once again, we all had a great time. I loved wearing a coat and drinking hot chocolate in July!

We detoured a little bit on our drive to San Francisco and made a stop at Lucille Packard Children's Hospital at Stanford to meet baby Camille in the NICU.
Nate Boyce: ND Boyce 2013 &emdash;
Our friends Jared and Lindsey are troopers and sweet Camille is one tough girl.  She's working hard to get healthy and get back home to Folsom and her brothers.  It was great to see our dear friends, and we were so happy to spend time with them before heading up to the game.
Nate Boyce: ND Boyce 2013 &emdash;

(And Heather, I thought of you when I saw those little red wagons at the hospital. :-)  Such a good, hopeful feeling there, especially given all of the serious and critical needs that so many of the little ones have.)

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The Wigginton Family said...

Oh Diana, I just saw this. How nice that you were able to visit your friend, and see that amazing hospital. How is she doing, btw?