Friday, January 25, 2013

Two Months

Luke is two months old!
Nate Boyce: ND Boyce 2013 &emdash;
And to celebrate, his mean mom took him for his first shots.

It was rough.  Luke has never cried like that.  Real tears were spilling out of his eyes, and he was a bit of a mess.

Shots aside, I was anxiously awaiting his growth measurements:

Height: 24 inches (89%)
Weight: 14 pounds, 7 ounces (89%)
Head Circumference: 41 centimeters (93%)

He weighs two more pounds than Noah did at this point and  is quite the little meatball.  I love it.
Nate Boyce: ND Boyce 2013 &emdash;
This round-faced guy is getting chubbier by the day.  That double chin is coming in nicely.  He loves to eat and is a feisty one at meal times.  He grunts, gulps and burps constantly.  Manners are definitely not his specialty at this point.
Nate Boyce: ND Boyce 2013 &emdash;
Right around the 6 week mark we started seeing tiny smiles.  Day by day they have gotten a little bigger and now Luke really interacts by smiling.  Melt my heart.
Nate Boyce: ND Boyce 2013 &emdash;

A few other things to remember about the month include:

* He's on a schedule!  Oh, we both needed this to happen.  To have some kind of predictability and routine is saving me.  Three naps a day is working well for us all -- although I can't wait until it drops down to two.

* Staying healthy while the rest of us each battled some form of that nasty stomach flu. 

* Luke has quite the old man hairline as it continues to recede.  He's also got a nice case of cradle cap that is taking its time to resolve.

* He is noisy -- and not just at meal times.  The early morning hours are the worst, but he is a noisy sleeper pretty much all night long.  Most of the time it's this annoying goat-like sound that wakes us up.  But he IS sleeping for longer stretches, usually for five and a half or six hours during the night.  Thank goodness.

* Luke won't sleep flat on his back.  Right now it's not much of an issue, because he's still in the rock and play (best thing ever, by the way), but at some point he's got to make the transition.  I keep trying, and he keeps letting me know that he hates it.  Eventually, right?
Nate Boyce: ND Boyce 2013 &emdash;
We're in the thick of the busy season and balancing this two kid thing on my own has taken some time.  A schedule and a little more sleep at night is making it easier.  I'm so grateful for the help of family and play dates with friends.  I think I need the social time just as much as Noah does right now.  It's hard to believe baby Luke has only been a part of our family for two months.   These boys are pure sunshine on even the dreariest days.  We are so blessed.
Nate Boyce: ND Boyce 2013 &emdash;

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Brandon and Evie said...

Two months already?! I can't believe it! I need to meet him soon!! :). So happy that he is on a schedule for you :)