Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Guys

A little over a year ago, I started taking Noah to the gym with me.  Each day we'd walk by the racquetball courts on our way to the childcare.  There are some regulars who play and we'd always say hello to them.

Noah is pretty friendly and comfortable in most situations, so smiling and waving turned into high fives and even blowing kisses as he got older.  His 'Guys,' as we call them, have been very generous and probably given Noah a total of twenty racquetballs.  Over the summer one of them asked if it would be o.k. to bring his old racquet for Noah to have.  Wow, was Noah sure excited about that one.  The Guys all cheer "Noah" when they see him and even stop their game and leave the court to come out and say hello.

They're pretty awesome.

So on Monday I got a call from the gym.  I was sure it was because I haven't been much since Luke joined our family, and they were wondering if I was ever coming back.  (I wonder that too...)  But really they called because Terry and Jim, two of the Guys, have had a present for Noah and wanted us to give them a call so Noah could have it.

Today was the day.  Noah woke up saying, "A gym? A gym? Guys?"  He's missed it too and asks to go a LOT.  After walking in, we rounded the corner and, just like always, heard the guys say, "Noah!" in unison.  They excitedly gave Noah his present, all wrapped up. And, of course, they had another racquetball for him.

Here's a little clip of the experience.  I wish I would have taken more:

Those sweet Guys sure know our Noah.
Nate Boyce: ND Boyce 2013 &emdash;
He felt pretty special to have a new, big dump truck from his buddies.  So far he's dumped blocks and cars out of the back and given his bear and Elmo a ride.  Sure do love those guys and how, each and every day we've been to the gym, they've made our Noah feel special and important.


Julie Seabury said...

Your video says private.... I'm going to need you to fix that. I really want to watch it :)

Julie Seabury said...

Yay! He is so cute! I lovel that they had been missing him. I think it is because he has an old soul and he looks like he is always thinking :)

Anniebanannie said...

Ha ha!! That is so cute!! Noah makes friends wherever he goes :)