Thursday, November 1, 2012


I've never been much for celebrating Halloween, but having a little one sure has changed that.  Anything that brings him excitement is important, worth the work and so. much. fun.

Our Halloween celebration started on Saturday at the church trunk or treat.  Nate and Noah won best duo for dressing up as Mr. Fredrickson and Russell from the Disney movie "Up." 

Noah really wanted to play the part of 'wilderness explorer' and had to be redirected a few times.

Nate tried hard to pull off the grumpiness of Mr. Fredrickson.
 Man, I love this guy for wanting to be part of his little buddy's costume.

They got lots of compliments, especially from those sweet teenage girls, on their cuteness, although I think most of those were directed at Noah. :-) 

It was disappointing when Nate had to travel to L.A. at the last minute and missed celebrating on Halloween night.  I mean, he's half of Noah's costume!  But we made the best of it by having our traditional chili and cornbread dinner with family and friends, followed by trick or treating.  Grandma, Grandpa, Nana, Tina, Tyler, Brittany, Brennan and the Havican family all joined us. 

And, yes, it is impossible to get so many little ones to take a picture, particularly when there's candy to be had.  But they sure are cute.

Even without Nate, we had a fun, memorable evening.  Noah could have trick or treated by himself.  He was so excited to go from house to house to get more treats!

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Lindsey H said...

Thanks for having us and thanks for emailing those darling pictures. Now that picture of Nate and Noah on the path is the cutest. thing. ever. Glad you were able to capture some good ones that night. ;) (Sorry if this is a duplicate comment. I tried a second ago and didn't seem to go through but not sure.)