Saturday, March 24, 2012

Donut Dash!

This morning we ran the Donut Dash, a four mile race benefiting the Child Life Program at Sutter Hospital.
Meet our sweet friend William. Wow, his story is one of courage, faith and strength. We just love him and his family.
Last year while he was out of school fighting cancer like a warrior I tutored him. Noah loved his time with the Murdock boys, especially William.

So when William is in the hospital, the Child Life Program gives him a chance to play, learn and prepare for what's ahead -- in a way that's as fun as possible.

How could we not participate? And, who doesn't love a little run to the city's best donut shop on a Saturday morning?

Team William had about 50 participants and, along with all of the runners, raised $35,000! And, William even made it on the morning news.

We had a great time running next to Noah's buddies (and their dad) and seeing many, many friends along the race route. It was our first race as a family and SO. MUCH. FUN. Can't wait for next year!

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Michele McKee. said...

How awesome! What a great opportunity to get in shape and give back! Oh, and to eat a donut! ;)