Sunday, March 11, 2012

15 Months

Noah is fifteen months old!
When we visited the pediatrician this week he said, "I bet people wonder why your two year old isn't walking and talking, huh?"

My thoughts exactly.

Here's where he's at for fifteen months:
Height: 33.5 inches (97%)
Weight: 26 pounds, 14 ounces (81%)
Head circumference: 49.5 cm (96%)

I think it's a combination of the height and full head of hair that make this kid look a little older than he really is.
Oh, this is such a fun time for learning, playing and talking. I am constantly amazed at how much Noah understands. Words really have meaning for him already. Whether it's sounds or actions, he loves imitating what we do. About a month ago he started trying to wash and comb his hair and put on lotion. Really? You pay attention to that stuff Noah? I love that he wants to try to do it himself.
Noah's favorite things right now are books, trucks and dogs.
He LOVES being outside to dig in the dirt, pick up rocks and go down the big boy slide at the park.
He makes different sounds for cars and trucks, with the truck sound being a pretty deep grunt. His words are still mostly limited to 'mom' and 'dad', but he's also added in the word 'this.' He points to things and says, 'this', so we usually use that word to start a sentence telling what 'this' is. We hear 'this' a LOT. I sure wish I knew what he was talking about in his own little language though. He's got a lot to say!
I honestly can't say enough about how fun life is right now. Yes, it's exhausting too, but I think interacting with Noah and watching him change and try new things literally every day is fascinating.
By far, though, my favorite thing right now is how much he loves giving and getting hugs and kisses. Oh, this kid breaks into serious laughter when he's being smothered with kisses! It's so fun to be the one causing all of that laughter. Noah gives hugs and kisses to us, his stuffed animals, and even kisses the animals in the books he's reading. That's a sweet one to see. Often times when we're reading a story together he turns his head towards me and looks up. That's the cue for, "Um, kiss my forehead Mommy."
I feel so blessed to have this incredibly happy, overly energetic, noisy and silly boy as a part of our family.


Lindsey H said...

Way cute post and pictures. However totally left out his most recent trick! :)

Christina said...

What a cutie!

Patti said...

what a cutie! I saw your mom at church a couple 'of weeks ago. we had Mandi and Jeremy's girls and Mya was walking just toddling not full blown walking,but she said that Noah wasn't walking yet. I didn't think it would be long before he was and now look here he is!! such a darling little guy!