Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Celebrating 80!

On Saturday all of the family got together to celebrate Grandpa Pebley's 80th birthday.

Nate's mom and her sisters threw an awesome and memorable party for their sweet dad.
I felt like I had stepped into Martha Stewart Magazine for the evening. Everything was just so perfect and lovely.
Getting together with family is always a good time. This family is firmly built on a foundation of love, and that love radiates from Grandpa and Grandma to the rest of us. We are so blessed.
The night was full of good food, great conversation, Grandpa feeling a bit uncomfortable about all the fuss being made about him, and just a lot of fun. Everyone was smiling.
Grandpa has a bunch of cute great grandkids.
Notice no pictures of Noah? Rare is the time that he's not with us, but we decided to leave him at home.
Um, that was kind of lovely too. Sometimes a mommy just needs a little time off, I guess. This party was the perfect break. We had an incredible night and were so happy to celebrate one incredible Grandpa.

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