Monday, August 8, 2011

8 Months

Noah is 8 months old and becoming sillier every day!
This was a BIG month for developmental milestones. On a Monday (7/25) he crawled, Tuesday (7/26) he finally sat up for good, and the following day that first tooth broke through.

All of that growing up means a few changes, like a big boy car seat...
...and the crib losing its bumper and the mattress being moved down.
Noah is already showing his independence. He'd much rather feed himself, which is a little tricky when you've only got one nub of a tooth to help with biting and chewing. But it's amazing to see those little motor skills hard at work as he figures out how to get even little things, like Cheerios, into his mouth.
Trying to act like a big boy, Noah really likes using a glass to drink out of. He's pretty good at blowing bubbles in the water.

Books are finally becoming interesting and worth focusing on, at least for a little while. Noah and his dad usually spend time together reading at night before bedtime. Nate pretty much has The Little Blue Truck memorized.

Every month that goes by seems to be my new favorite. We love Noah's wide range of noises and funny faces.
Seeing Noah army crawl through the house is so fun. Even better is when he sees me walk into the room, he takes off crawling as fast as possible until he's at my feet waiting to be picked up and loved on. Most Sundays at church we have to take him out of the meeting because he's too happy and can't possible be silent any longer. We just can't believe how much happiness this guy has brought to our family.

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