Sunday, April 10, 2011

Four Months!

Noah is four months old!
We celebrated the occasion on Friday by seeing the doctor and getting more shots. What a fun mom he has.
Here are the four month figures on our little guy:

Weight: 17 pounds, 4.2 ounces (89%)
Height: 26.5 inches (94%)
Head: 42.5 centimeters (58%)

A few things we'll remember from month #4 include:

*We took a few quick trips to Nate's office so he could actually see Noah sometime other than the weekend. This was the toughest busy season we've had yet -- for lots of reasons.
*Noah can fit all four fingers in his mouth, but usually just sticks to two or three. If he's awake and not eating, it seems like those hands are always in his mouth.

*He rolled over from front to back on Tuesday, but we're still waiting for him to do it a second time.

* Sleeps in his crib at night now, but wakes up way too much for a guy his age and size (at least I think so!).

* Has maintained his wicked scream and maybe even added an octave to it. It's bad. At cousin Paul's wedding reception he decided that during the prayer was the perfect time to showcase his talent. Not cute.

*Still loves the bath, although sucking on a washcloth was new this month. And, yes, he does need a bigger tub.

* Is becoming more portable. I think that has more to do with me being more comfortable taking him places, but he's also much more content than he was those first couple of months. I started tutoring William, one of my favorite third graders ever, twice a week and Noah usually comes along. For the most part, he's done great.
As for me, the hardest day with Noah is still better than a good day at work could possibly be. Nothing I've done before has ever been as important as being this little guy's mom. Sometimes, especially in those sleep-deprived, difficult moments I still wonder if I'm really up to the challenge of being the mom that I want to be (little late now, right?). Am I really going to be able to do it? But it's those same thoughts that have caused me to exercise more faith, pray with greater sincerity for guidance and trust myself and the blessed intuition that comes with being a mommy. Can't wait to see what month 5 will bring!


Our Family said...

He is so adorable!! It's funny because, 17 years later, I still ask myself if I am up to this challenge! I guess that just means you are a mother who truly cares. : )

jordan and maci said...

what a cutie! and i am sure you make an absolutely terrific mama:)

Patti said...

He is just adorable,and getting so big!! I would not worry to much about if you are up to the job of mommy,I think you are doing great. and a mommy who cares is one who always wonders if they are up yo the task/