Saturday, April 2, 2011


Today was Nate's first Saturday NOT working (hurray!) of 2011.

The girls in the family, along with Noah of course, celebrated Becky's upcoming wedding.

I love being a part of this family. There is so much love and they are so much fun.
I had a great time making the favors for Becky's shower. Thank goodness for a little boy who goes to bed pretty early!

Not a great picture of either of our darlings, but Amanda and I love comparing our little ones since Mya is just a little older than Noah.
The boys in the family went off and helped cousin Eric and his family move and then later headed to the priesthood session of general conference, followed, of course, by the traditional dinner at In 'n Out. Noah was able to steal a little time from his dad before he had to leave. These guys are the best of friends.
After three months of working Saturdays, we're excited to have a little more fun, finally get to work on some projects and just spend more time together. Goodbye busy season. We'll see you again in 2012.

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cherise and Tristan said...

Oh that newborn stage. That is exactly what is keeping me from having another one at this point. If I am having so much fun with Everett and I want another one but when I think of the newborn phase I start to panic. Ev was so hard too but I would not change a thing cause he is the best toddler! You guys look great. What a cutie Noah is. Miss you