Wednesday, February 9, 2011

You'll Understand

This little You Tube creation couldn't have come my way at any better time. I have my friend Julie to thank for that.

Moms were asked what they would tell themselves if they could go back to right before they had their first child. Both Julie and I really like the mom who says Google doesn't have children. It seems like almost every time I sit down to feed Noah I'm Googling something to help me understand him better. But Google doesn't know my little miracle, and, in this case, doesn't quite have all the answers.

Even though I'm only 2 months into motherhood, I would go back and tell myself that it's going to be a different kind of hard that you've never experienced before. Ask for help. He will melt your heart, even when he's screaming. Let go of everything you did before (at least for a while) and just be his mom for now.

I'd love to hear what you'd have to say if you could go back to that time.


Ashley said...

What a great video! I would tell myself to take deep breaths, and that when it is between reading a book to the kids and doing dishes, the dishes can always be done later. I am still telling myself these things!

Kris said...

aww, so cute. when I got to the "you'll miss your mother" it made me miss Kathy. We still believe she's training them all up in Heaven :)

Heck, I bet she gave Noah a voice lesson or two!

Rich said...

I loved that! I would tell myself something I heard once at BYU Women's Conference. "If you are a good mother 60% of the time, then you are a good mother. So be kind to yourself."

Our Family said...

That was from Khristine, by the way, writing on Rich's computer. : )

Patti said...

oh what a great video that was,I started to cry when I was reading some of the comments.I would take the time to enjoy them more,spend more time listening to them,it just passes way to fast!!

Melissa said...

Hold him. He will grow so fast! Right before your very eyes!