Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A day at the beach

These are my cute parents.
I think they get more therapy out of a day at the beach, just hanging out and listening to the ocean waves, than most people could from a year with a psychologist. They just love it.
This is all my mom came to do:

I love that they want to bring us along! As kids we'd join with one of our favorite families (a shout out to the McDowells there!) and head to Bodega Bay for a day of fun. We're all grown up (well, some of us...but I'll get to that) so there's less playing in the frigid water and more book reading, but it's still a good time.

It's totally appropriate that my dad's license plate frame says, "I may get older, but I refuse to grow up." While that pesky Parkinson's disease may slow him down, his mind is quick and he's still just a big kid at heart. While Mom was keeping with tradition by making brownies and packing blankets and other necessary items for the day, Dad made sure the kite we've had since I was a kid was packed. I don't think we were on the beach for more than fifteen minutes before he pulled out the kite and got it in the air.Nate ended up flying it so high that it was lost in the clouds and fog. Bringing it back down was a bit of a workout!Back to my dad. After kite flying, he couldn't be still for too long, so he fed the seagulls Cheetos -- lots of Cheetos. Like these 'pigeons of the sea' need any encouragement, right?
And, when that was finished, Dad decided the rest of us needed a little antagonizing.
I love that he's got such a great spirit still and keeps us laughing so much of the time.

On the way home we stopped here.
Hands down the best ice cream -- ever. If you've seen the movie 'Up' you've at least heard of this place. There's a reason that kid Russell in the movie is such a darling chub. He probably visited Fenton's a few too many times. Next time you're driving through Vacaville you've got to stop. And if it's autumn, I'd definitely recommend the apple pie ice cream. I can't wait for it to come around in a few months. So good!
Ice cream for dinner was a perfect way to end the day. I mean, look at this.
DElicious, right?

Thanks Mom for nailing down a date and planning a great day at the beach! Your kids had a wonderful time.


The Smith Fam in Kansas said...

Oh such memories :) How I wish to be close enough to go to Bodega Bay right now. To feel such peace and be in no hurry to do anything. I would love to be able to stop off and get Salt water taffy from the Kite store down the road - my fav. I started laughing when I saw your dad with the cheetos ... remember us feeding them and I got pooped on ....ohhhh the memories :) Love you and your family and the memories we share. We need to go when I get a chance to come back and visit.
Miss you,

The Bradford Bunch said...

I saw your mom on sunday and she said that you guys all went to bodega bay. I told her that we want to go the next time she plans a trip. I have such fond memories of our family trips and would love to continue some of those traditions.

Jenner said...

your dad is so cute

Christina said...

What a perfect day. Your family sounds so fun.

Tiffany said...

So I just left a comment on your fun food blog and realized that I don't have your email. So then I realized I haven't sent you an invite to my blog. I got yours off your Christmas card. Email me and I'll send you an invite.
Your cousin,
Tiffany :)

L McD said...

What fun memories of going to Bodega Bay and Portuguese Beach with your family. I have been going through photos, as I am trying to get organized, and I came across many beach photos with our families in them. Thank you for the wonderful thoughts and special moments. Give your mom and dad, Kristina too, and big love for me. Love, Lynette