Tuesday, July 28, 2009

So happy together!

Yesterday afternoon our home was filled with friends. So much fun! While we wish the circumstances that brought us all together would have been different, it was still such a treat to have them with us. These three BYU roommates from long ago and their wives (and our other friends who left before I thought about pulling the camera out -- sorry!) spent a few hours catching up on life, remembering some of their college antics and laughing a lot. All of the day's events made for one of my most favorite memories of this summer.
This morning, as our friends head back to Utah and Canada, we're feeling a little lonely. Even though we rarely see them as it is, it's kind of funny how being with good friends, the ones we're surely going to have for a lifetime, can do that. If I had my way, they'd be our lifetime neighbors -- for sure.

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Tyler, Lisa, Levi, and Kai said...

Nice to see you guys!!! Sad we couldn't be there for that cute pic.