Monday, February 16, 2009

a lot of hot air!

Yesterday we celebrated my birthday (the big 3-0!) with my family. For some reason I totally craved a summer meal: grilled kabobs for dinner and ice cream roll for dessert. Barbecuing in that stormy, blustery weather wasn't ideal, but the finished product was oh, so delicious. Thanks Mom. You went all out, and it definitely made for a memorable 30th birthday.
Since Nate's birthday is just a few days away (the 19th, to be exact!) my mom made 2 cakes so we could celebrate his big day too. Keeping with her tradition of covering a cake with the number of candles of your age, Nate got 31 and I got 30. Those cakes literally lit up the room. I'm pleased to report that both Nate and I discovered we have fabulous lung capacities as we managed to blow out every last candle. And the ice cream cake...well, just like EVERYTHING else my mom bakes it was awesome. The perfect sweet birthday treat! It's birthday week at the Boyces!


Tiffany said...

Happy birthday. Looks like it was lots of fun! The thirties are great. Now you're wise and all that! :)

allison nadauld said...

Welcome to the world of 30. Happy Birthday Amazing Dianna!!!!

TyBrit Boyce said...

It sure is birthday week...mine is on Saturday!
Happy Birthday you two! We are getting your cards all ready to send out! Sorry they are late, it's been an incredibly busy week!