Sunday, April 29, 2007

Food Cravings

We all have them, right? I'm NOT pregnant, but we all know that those who are tend to be notorious for theirs. For some reason pickles are always the one that's brought up. Incidentally, last week Nate had me try a Claussen pickle (which he and my sister agree are the ONLY ones to eat) and I actually liked it. Who knew at 28 I'd decide pickles were o.k.? Salty, but o.k.
Anyway, back to cravings and pregnancy, well sort of. Here's the news: Nate might be pregnant. Well, not really, but he's had a strange food craving or two lately. I could definitely write a blog about my weird food desires, but Nate's more fun to report about. A few weeks ago he and some coworkers were out of down and decided to eat cheap for dinner. You or I might head to Taco Bell or even Wendy's to get something off of the super value menu, but these guys headed to an All-American favorite: Denny's. Ask yourself, when's the last time I went to a Denny's? I bet it's been a while. I had to go way back, and I think it's been since some midnight outing with friends in high school. Maybe it's not so All-American though because one of the first things I saw when we arrived in Costa Rica was, you guessed it, a Denny's.
So yesterday after a long day of Saturday to-do's and Nate studying for his next CPA exam we decided to go out to dinner. Guess what my sweet husband has been wanting for a few days? A Mega French Toast Slam. As Denny's puts it: three thick slices of our Fabulous French Toast with two eggs, hashbrowns, two bacon strips and two sausage links all for $5.99. Its probably one of America's best bargains, but who craves that? After being so diligent all day, how could we not reward his studying efforts? You know what I discovered? On a Saturday night Denny's really isn't that bad. I learned they have healthy eating options (might I recommend the egg white vegetarian omelet?), there's no need to call ahead or make a reservation and the way you slide onto those vinyl seats at a booth takes you back to some point of eating out from your childhood. The service was great, the place was clean and we were out of there in less than thirty minutes.
Both of us agree that Denny's is strictly a breakfast only ordering place. We heard a guy behind us order tilapia and his wife got swiss steak. I'm not really sure Denny's is the place to get the catch of the day or a fine cut of beef, but breakfast is pretty satisfying. Who knows where our cravings will take us next?

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daniel said...

Speaking of Denny's, Kristen and I will be moving to Folsom for about a month, starting mid-June. We plan on spending at least half of our time with you, if that's okay. In fact, do you guys have any extra rooms at your place? Maybe we could just move in. It's a deal, then. Oh, would it be okay if we stored some stuff (furniture, a bronze sculpture of Bill O'Reilly, some cookbooks, etc) at your place while we live in Canada for a few years? You guys are the best.

For real, we should plan a trip to Horsetail falls or Yosemite. Or maybe some of the old Nature Boys haunts like Ripple cave or the Auburn mine.

Okay, that had nothing to do with Denny's, but now I'm hungry.