Saturday, March 17, 2007

Small Milestones

The other day I asked a friend how old her son was. She gave me a typical response, 19 months. I think marking age by months is something that kind of drops off by about age 2, right? I've never heard a mom say her kid was 37 months old or anything like that. I'm sure I'll me a month counter when I'm a mom too. Actually, I think I already am.
I'm finding that it's not all that different for this first year of marriage. As of today, we've been married for four months. Every time the 17th of every month rolls around, we take note and celebrate just a little. I'm pleased to report that after four months, we have a few pictures on our walls (finally!), we're surviving accounting's busy season just fine, and that whole 'wedded bliss' thing is pretty much true for us. I promise not to write a blog entry celebrating our 16th or 23rd month of marriage when it rolls around though.
These four months have been a good time. We've made some great memories already, established some of our own traditions, and it's exciting to see what's up ahead. One of our most favorite discoveries was during a stay in San Francisco a few weeks ago. Ghiardelli makes dark chocolate fudge sauce. Deeeelicious!


Anniebanannie said...

I'm so glad you two got married... I love you guys! I think once a child passes 2 then you start going by half years. For instance, Olivia is now 3 and a half. There is a big difference between three and 3 and a half.

Anonymous said...

You mean I shouldn't be telling people that Annie and I have been married for 63 months and 11 days?

Anonymous said...

I'm 354 months old. Or rather, I will be in 7 days. Somebody should wish me a happy 354 month-day or something.