Thursday, March 19, 2015


We've tried to help Noah ride a bike without training wheels on and off since his got his bike for Christmas.  He doesn't like the wobbly feeling, and I can't really blame him.  He's also not one to be pushed into something he's not ready for (potty training taught me that for sure).

So, we took a little break.  But with just a tiny bit of coaxing tonight, he got on that bike and RODE.  He just took off, and for the first time, got his feet on the pedals and just kept going.  Oh, it made my mama heart so darn proud!  We were taking video like crazy to show Nate, who was working late.  I'm so proud of this guy for doing a 'hard thing' and getting on that bike tonight!

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Markie said...

I was way impressed when I saw this video! We tried with Ellie but gave up pretty quickly. You go Noah!!