Monday, January 19, 2015

Grandma's Birthday

Shauna's had one of those 'milestone'/decade birthdays in January.  But since all of the family was going to be here at Christmastime, we decided to surprise her a little early.

Preparing for the party alone was fun, so I think all of us were filled with anticipation and excitement when it was finally time for the big surprise.   After a fantastic dinner we gathered around to really celebrate Shauna.
The grandkids sang.
 We shared a long, sweet list of things we love about her.
By the way, we could have doubled what was on that list and still come up with more.
She's one special lady.

And then we each gave her a charm that was significant to our relationship with her to put on a new bracelet.
 She thanked us for not putting the actual number of candles on her cake, but blew out the ones on there without any trouble.
 I remember meeting Shauna when Nate and I were dating and feeling instantly at ease.  She just radiates peace and goodness and love.  I knew that being a part of this family, and being around her, would shape my adult years in positive, meaningful ways, and it has.  She has given her all to mothering, and it shows in these five kids. 
Shauna is also a top notch grandma.  The grandkids love spending time with her and doing fun things.  She is so quick to help, serve and love each one of them.

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