Monday, September 23, 2013


We had a little (like, really little) rail fair in Folsom on Saturday.  Nate was working, so it was just me and the boys.  All Noah wanted to do was ride the train.  He didn't care about the fire trucks that were there.  He ignored the tractor rides being offered. He did pause to look and listen to the brass band playing, but only for a few seconds.  He was determined to get on that train.
Nate Boyce: ND Boyce 2013 &emdash;
But of course, he was the anti-camera child, and wouldn't for ANYthing actually look at me.
Nate Boyce: ND Boyce 2013 &emdash;
Keeping two little ones in check on an open train car was a bit of work, but it was worth it.  For me it wasn't just about taking my little boys to see trains.  There was much more purpose behind it.
Nate Boyce: ND Boyce 2013 &emdash;
On the day we were later going celebrate my dad's birthday, we were doing something he loves and, for most of his life, did not pass up an opportunity to participate in.

My Grandpa Hall was a steam engine conductor, engineer, repairman, parts manufacturer...and the list goes on.   My dad grew up around trains and knows just about everything there is to know about the old ones.  I love this picture of him as a kid.
Nate Boyce: ND Boyce 2013 &emdash;
I felt such a mix of emotions: happy that my boys were getting to do something that these Hall men treasured, and a bit heartbroken that my dad wasn't right there with us.  I literally could hear his voice in my head sometimes. Oh, how he would have liked to teach Noah about the inner workings of these trains.  In good health he would have dropped everything to be there and ride with us.  I miss that part of him dearly.

After a storm rolled in and the boys took their naps we met up with Nate and the rest of the family to celebrate my dad's 67th birthday.  We had planned to go to Farrell's, but a two hour wait at four o'clock in the afternoon caused us to reroute to Leatherby's.  As long as my dad could get a chocolate malt, he was happy.
Nate Boyce: ND Boyce 2013 &emdash;
And the rest of us were happy too.  Luke, actually, was hilarious.  I'm not sure what gave him the squeals and giggles so bad, but he was Mr. Happy.
Nate Boyce: ND Boyce 2013 &emdash;
Dad, I love you.  I wish more than anything that your body could be restored to what it was even five years ago.  It's hard to watch your body and mind fail, but I'm sure it's even more difficult for you to be experiencing it.  You don't complain least about that. :-)  Our family is committed to loving you and seeing you through this deeply difficult challenge until the end.  I am so glad we celebrated you.  You deserve it, and you've earned it.  Keep fighting a good fight and your reward will be great.
Nate Boyce: ND Boyce 2013 &emdash;


The Wigginton Family said...

This made me cry Dianna. Such a beautiful post full of amazing people. I love your Dad so much. Thank you for sharing this memory with us!

Brandon and Evie said...

What an awesome memory so many ways. So thankful you got to take your dad out and celebrate him. Beautiful post :)

allison nadauld said...

So well beautiful. Love you so!

Julie Seabury said...

What a sweet post Dianna. I love the picture of your dad as a boy on the train. Your boys are lucky to have you to bring their Papa to life for them, and I'm sure your dad was grateful for the birthday celebration. xoxo