Saturday, October 8, 2011

Ten Months

Noah is ten months old!
By far, the most common question I get about him is, "How much does he weigh?"
I have no idea, but he's solid and heavy, and insanely cute.

This month Noah and Woody became friends.
Before now, any time Noah saw or heard Woody he got scared and started screaming. So Woody has been vacationing in the closet for a few months.
Now Noah likes to pull the string and have conversations with his buddy.

We've been hearing lots of new babbling sounds from our little noisemaker, including 'da da.' I don't know if he's actually talking about his Dad, but it sure is sweet to hear.
These two are the best of friends and Noah gets so excited when Nate walks in the door at the end of the day

Every day is a new adventure of exploring.
It could be climbing into bookshelves, hiding behind doors, getting lost in the curtains or crawling up onto the dishwasher.

At some point he will stop using his hair as a napkin, right?

Noah finally started pulling himself up and loves standing.
His favorite place is the sliding glass door. He can look outside and have some fun with the glass at the same time.
Noah is a busy kid, but he also loves to just watch what's going on, especially outside. One day we spent over an hour at the park just watching a backhoe and front loader move sand.
He just took it all in.


Lindsey said...

I've barely started following your blog but this is by far the cutest post yet. If I'm ever in a bad mood, I just need to look at the pictures of Noah and the glass door. Hilarious!!

Patti said...

I love getting on the computer and looking at all the blogs!!! Noah is getting so big and such a cute baby!! where oh where does time get off to? fun posts.

jordan and maci said...

...and don't you love when they use the hair as a napkin right after a bath? good thing they are so darn cute, eh?