Sunday, May 8, 2011

Five Months!

Noah is five months old!
...and it was a pleasure sharing Mother's Day with such a milestone.

Oh, it has been a great month for learning, growing and EATing!

Noah started solid foods during the fifth month and couldn't be happier about it. He gave me a huge smile the first time he saw a spoonful of rice cereal, as if to say, "Finally Mom. I've been waiting for this."
So far, along with rice cereal, he's sampled pears, apples, avocado and sweet potatoes -- all with no complaint. Additionally, I think we finally may be making some progress in getting back to bottle feeding. We'll see...
On April 16, Noah rolled over from back to front, a much easier manuver for him than the other way of going front to back for him. In fact, he seems to have forgotten how to go from front to back and screams after being on his tummy for too long.
Although he's still sucking and chewing on things, Noah has started biting as well. He doesn't have any teeth yet, but is quite good at chomping down on something (anything really) and pulling it away. Little things like that still amaze me. They just come instinctively.
Noah has slightly improved as a sleeper...and I mean slightly. Some nights the wake up is 3:30, but I really feel like celebrating when he picks 4:45 instead. And, even then, he's a lot more lonely than hungry. I hesitantly stopped swaddling him for nighttime sleep, but it definitely made a difference in his ability to self soothe.
Warm spring weather has meant more time spent outside. Whether it's going on a run with me, or just sitting outside with his Nana, Noah couldn't be happier. He just loves taking in the sounds, sights and feel of things.

Easter 2011. The Grandmas got this picture for Mother's Day.

True to form for us, not a single picture was taken today for Mother's Day. We were just too busy celebrating I guess. Nate made pancakes for breakfast and he and his dad prepared an incredibly delicious dinner. Somewhere in the middle there we squeezed in attending church with my parents. My mom loved being able to show off her sweet Noah. It was a busy, but love-filled day.
I've waited a long time to be a mom. Three years ago when Mother's Day rolled around I was beginning fertility treatment. Two years ago I was pregnant, only to miscarry a few days later. And last year, I was growing little Noah, but not about to talk about it or tell anyone because of a series of heartbreaking disappointments. So today, Mother's Day felt extra special. This calling of mother is the most challenging, exhausting, wonderful and exciting experience. Blessed can only begin to describe how I feel about being this little miracle's mommy.


Julie Seabury said...

Happy Mother's Day Dianna! Can't wait to see Noah again soon - he is getting so big. :)

Brandon and Evie said...

Happy first Mother's Day to a wonderful, talented, creative, and absolutely wonderful mom!! Noah is so lucky to have you :)

jordan and maci said...

what a sweet post! your little one is so adorable!

The Smith Fam in Kansas said...

Boy he is growing soooo fast! I will be coming for a visit in June, and I will have to hold this cute baby!

Love ya

Jenner said...

You r getting some great shots! He is adorable!