Friday, June 11, 2010


At 12:55 today I finished my tenth year of teaching.

Don't start thinking I'm anything special though because my mom just finished up year thirty eight.

THAT'S impressive.

But either way, I'm so happy to officially welcome summer. Thanks to the horrible economy and a district that thinks it's broke, I didn't even have the option of teaching summer school. It was eliminated for this year. Perfect.

I arrived home tired and dirty to a husband who had left work a little early and had these lovelies to welcome me home on the last day:
So unexpected and SO appreciated.

Year ten has definitely had it's challenges and exhausting days. I never could have gotten through it without the support of the flower-giver, family and good friends.

Bring on summer!


Julie Seabury said...

I'm so glad you posted something! It popped up on my feed and reminded me that I've been meaning to call or write or stop by or ANYTHING! I've been thinking about you. I hope you guys are doing well (so jealous that you are done. We have a week left.) I'm holding out hope that we will be able to get together this summer!! It seems realistic enough. Talk to you soon. Really!

Boyd Family said...

Congrats Dine!! You amaze me ALL of the time. Always have and always will!!! Have a great summer!!

Brittany said...

Congrats Dianna! Quite the accomplishment. You never cease to impress me!

allison nadauld said...

Ten years? I can't believe it! Congratulations Dine! Have a little fun this summer!