Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What's new?

Answer: pretty much nothing.

Here's proof:

Our highlight for the month is finishing up the 'tree project'. I started this summer taking out one tree at a time -- for a grand total of 3. No, they weren't General Sherman redwoods or anything, but still...I like to think of a Milwaukee Sawzall as a chain saw for women.
Nate and I together cut down two trees, and yesterday some very nice men showed up with their saws, chipper truck and stump grinder to remove a few more and grind nine stumps. We are not tree haters, we just have too many of the wrong kinds of trees for a rather smallish yard. Well, maybe I am a tree hater, because I'm pretty happy to know these little suckers aren't going to be invading our lawn much longer since their 'mother tree' has been sawed to bits.

Of course the photographer in the family has taken a few more impressive shots lately.

But that's it for September. Now that school is back in we seem to be busy just handling the regular routines of life and not getting away for fun adventures nearly as often as we'd like! (Sea Ranch? Is that you I hear calling?) Ah, but don't you love conference weekend? That's a treat we're looking forward to...for many reasons!

Hoping for a more exciting October...


TyBrit Boyce said...

I hear Sea Ranch calling too! Let's go Dianna!

allison nadauld said...

Yes, conference weekend is the best. I love this time of year. I hope you're gearing up for all the sugar rushed Halloween classroom craze. Good luck!

Patti said...

It was so good to see you and Nate.even if it was that you two went and got mom from her new friends. thank goodness for the two girls who saved her from going any further than she did.I to enjoyed conference and all the messages that were given mom's favorite time of the year was fall,it is pretty,but I love summer.