Monday, December 22, 2008

Days that are merry and bright...

I love kids. Not really a surprising statement, I know. I guess, better said, I love moments that remind me how much I love kids. Oh sure, I have those days, especially when I'm teaching, that I'd be the first to trade my credential for a part time job at Williams Sonoma. But, really, between work and my church assignment in Primary (and our nieces being in town this week!), I am so lucky to be surrounded by these little treasures, especially since we don't have any darlings of our own yet.
Aren't kids just the best reminders of having fun, laughing at yourself and being sweet? They understand so much more than we give them credit for and are capable of so much creativity and thoughtfulness when we give them the opportunity.
Today I had my Primary class over for a little end of the year celebration. We decorated sugar cookies and ate pizza. I can't tell you how much fun it was, not only to have kids in our house, but to just sit around the table and laugh with them. They are so silly, but, oh so sweet. And they're talented cookie decorators!

Just last week, on the last day of school before Winter Break, one of my students walked up to me with this:

She made me promise not to read it, because, after all, it wasn't for me. She just thought Mr. Boyce might feel left out since a few kids had written me cards.

Today one of my sweet Primary kids arrived for cookie decorating and presented me with her own special creation:

I hope your week is quickly filling with Christmas cheer and simple reminders of how blessed our lives are. For me, it's the sweet relationship I have with these kids that this time have been that reminder.


Timothy and Nicole said...

How fun! They are really lucky to have had you!

Patti said...

Oh the joy that children bring into our lives!! I just love the comments they make and their innoence.I have been called to work in nusery after the first of the yearI will start. I am excited to be there with these little ones again.

Jenner said...

that picture of you and nichole is so cute.

The Davis Family said...

Hi Dianna- some how I stumbled upon your blog. Its awesome and I love seeing what you guys have been up to. You students are really very lucky to have you as your teacher! ~ Kelly